The Typical Catfish With Soy Recipes Palembang

pindang patin
pindang patin

Pindang patin is one type of side dish is very tasty and delicious also, this Catfish with soy recipe actually comes from Palembang. But because of the delicious already known to many, finally the moment many people searching for this Catfish with soy cooking recipes. kokimganteng

If you want to try this Catfish with soy recipes, here the author will provide recipes along with how to cook it properly. Well, let’s learn the ingredients of his material like this.
How To Cook Boiled The Tasty And Delicious Catfish kokimganteng post

Materials materials required

1 kg fish catfish
1 bunch Basil
5 cloves shallots
3 cloves garlic
Soy sauce to taste ‘
Water to boil
Pineapple just to taste
5 pieces red chillies
4 pieces of cayenne pepper
2 sections of turmeric
Galangal to taste
Flavor enhancer
1 stalk Lemongrass

How To Cook Pindang Patin

After studying this Catfish with soy recipes, the first step in cooking is to clean the fish and catfish pieces in a medium-size.
When it is finished, please first seasoning spice blend such as chilli, onion and white, ginger, galangal, turmeric and salt. If it has been crushed then enter in the plate.
Rebuslah water as kuah pindang to taste or to taste, and then wait until the water is boiling and stir in fish catfish.
When finished, enter also the delicate seasoning of yesteryear and don’t forget the stirring until blended and wait for 5 minutes.
Next Catfish with soy recipe is by entering the Basil and also soy sauce, if you don’t like soy sauce then seasoning can eliminate this one ya PAL. And Lastly, give yourself 2 slices the pineapple is ripe so pindang patin more delicious.
Don’t forget to enter the Lemongrass and other seasonings that may be missed, after which you can taste pindang patin. If less salt, then you could add a little more salt, but if it fits then preferably in the lift and at the chill.
Eat boiled this catfish in warm mixed with white rice.

So the last typical Catfish with soy recipes Palembang, hopefully the above recipe can add your dishes at home.

6 special food very tasty in Palembang

Palembang is one of the famous attractions of Palembang  who is well known, for example like kemaro Island, the ampera bridge and many other tourist attractions. But taukah you? It turns out there are also specialties of Palembang you should taste.
If you want to visit this city, then below are some examples of typical cuisine of palembang that if missed. Therefore, please refer to good culinary articles on this one.
He’s 6 of Palembang Specialties You Must Taste
One of the specialties of palembang was pempek, pempek is extremely popular with a very tasty fish flavor, pempek is usually give the gravy called vinegar. There are many varieties of pempek can you consume, her example pempek roast, submarines and more.
The next is to try out the model, this model is very tasty with delicious gravy and deliciously. This model there is a fish model, a model of egg and wheat model also depends on your request.
Typical food of palembang and the third is to try tekwan, actually between tekwan and its seasoning of this model is the same. But tekwan is much smaller in size compared to other models.
The curry sauce on the food is of course your mouth-watering delicious, tastes much making people love it. If in the month of fasting, laksan this many serve as appetizers when the fast.
Mie Celor
For those of you who liked the noodles, then must try mie celor on this one. mie celor price is arguably the very affordable i.e. only Rp. 6,000.
This is almost the same as Lenggang pempek, just that it is made from eggs lenggang, flour and also the fish already in the puree. Next could be given vinegar to make it more tasty and also steady.
The typical food of palembang 6 above, hopefully can help you in the existing food tasting in palembang.