How To Cook Beef With Seasoning Delicious Balinese


Who doesn’t love beef? Almost all people love this beef, especially in a big event when the lunch. How to cook beef this tastier range of, for example, can be used as beef rendang or any other. But here the author will share tips on cooking beef seasoning bali cooking science so the mother and teenage putripun more. kokimganteng

To make or Cook these meats, in fact it is not difficult because the seasoning bumbunya very easy to reach. Therefore, please note how to cook beef wear Balinese spices. well if fear of forgetting, you can list it in the book making it more practical.
This Is Her Way Of Cooking Beef With Balinese Spices And Delicious

Material Material

1 Spoon sugar
3 grains candlenut
1 small scoop of shrimp paste
250 grams of beef
8 red onion
3 cloves garlic
Cooking oil to taste
Soy sauce to taste
1 segment galangal
5 pieces red pepper
3 pieces of bay leaf
1 sheet of lime leaves
Acidic water just a little

How To Cook Beef

How to make beef marinade bali the first is by washing the meat first, then do not forget a small cut for easy cooking.
The next is to smooth out some of the seasonings, such as onion, shrimp paste, garlic, chilli and all the ingredients the ingredients above.
If already smooth and soft, please stir fry by way of heating the cooking oil. When the oil is hot already, you can simply enter the above herbs in the pot and stir until fragrant and smell of her cookbook.
How to cook beef next is by entering the beef, then immediately add the water to taste and also soy sauce.
Stir well, and let bumbunya percolating in the meat to the broth dries up or slightly greasy.
If enough already, please lift up and chill. kokimganteng website

Very easy is not the way to make beef marinade of bali? for those of you who are curious would it feels, can try directly at home Yes!