Beef Cooking Recipes With Herbs Balado

beef balado
beef balado

Beef normally is widely used for a variety of dishes, such as beef rendang, spicy ala padang food, stews and more. But on this day we will discuss how to cook beef with seasoning balado, well if you want to take notes then could set up a pen and a sheet of paper.kokimganteng

How to cook a beef is tasty and delicious this is very easy, besides his seasoning spices well any accessible Yes mother. To make it more clear, yuk refer to how the beef cooking tips here.
This Is Her Recipe And Way Of Cooking Beef With Seasoning Balado kokimganteng resep

Materials Materials Required

Cilantro to taste
1 centi galangal
Granulated sugar to taste only
6 pieces red pepper
4 cloves garlic
7 cloves shallots
3 pieces of bay leaf
Tamarind water
1/3 beef already in pieces
Slice of tomato fruit
Brown sugar

How To Cook Beef Seasonings Balado

One way to cook beef with seasoning balado is cleaning up the beef already in pieces, which when finished then rebuslah to cook its flesh.
Next, stir in cilantro and tamarind water well that had been prepared and then mix well. Not just that, but also enter the brown sugar, bay leaf and galangal has been in memarkan.
Cook this meat with medium fire until the entire pervasive bumbunya. Well if the lift is enough, and then drain the flesh and then fried.
How to cook beef is the next with smooth garlic, red chili and also as well as tomatoes. If it is smooth then immediately FRY until seasoning his fragrant.
And Lastly, please enter your beef that has been fried earlier in a stir fry, stir stir until fragrant and don’t forget the salt.
The taste of the first Jeep is produced, if less salt then be added again and also a little granulated sugar, and serve with white rice.

That’s the last way of cooking beef with seasoning balado, hopefully you can try of his own in the House yeah buddy!

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